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"My friend Todd is under the impression that my weblog's name, FISTS WITH YOUR TOES, is merely an awkward stab at sexual innuendo."

that's what i thought too!


Hi, Fists! I'm so far impressed by the seeds of your thought. A very rare strand, indeed! Or, maybe it was the repetitive name dropping of the remarkably decadent and terribly negligent "Todd" character. By all means, he SHOULD BE dead to you. His deeply troubled mind has been overcome by a seemless depression -- one whose relinquishment requires my services.

Todd's Dead!! Long live Ted!!

"I am the one who is forever forced to overcome himself." --Zarathustra


Stolen Identity: The case of a backstabbing S.O.B.

Hello, Toes! I, too, am impressed by your imagination and skill. But whatever you do, under no cirmcumstance should you ever believe a word that seeps from the foul mouth of the mongoloid otherwise known as Ted. He is to blame for my delinquency. I have been chained up for months, unable to read your fine blog because Ted believes in depression. His mangled brain belongs at the bottom of the East River. Consider it done! I have handcuffed him to the interior of a green van and plan to set it on fire before blasting it over the side of the Williamsburg Bridge. My identity is sacred. And I will do whatever it takes to preserve its sanctity.

Todd -- the true Pater Familias



Does anyone know David Blaine? Please seek BubbleBoy's advice... I am currently trapped inside a moldy green van and need keys to some strange set of existential handcuffs. Hurry... before it's too late! If anyone sees Todd, tell him that I am only growing stronger.


Jason- he who understands there is nothing to overcome

Dir sir,
After being enlightened by your words, I have but one comment. Release yourself from the spiritual chains that are both Todd and Ted.

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