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I'm disgusted by Clinton supporters. Of course Catholics love her, they have a Nazi pope who says he's against pedophiles but let's the ex-bishop of Boston sit as #2 man in Vatican City. They accuse Obama of being an elistist but who made millions of dollars last year (and has covered up who's donating the big bucks to her campaign)?

The gun-toters whine about their Constitutional rights and the rest of us have to put up with nuts buying AK-47s & rifles to shoot our kids at school; and let's not forget all the "feminists" who are only voting for Clinton because she's a woman: who cares that she expects her husband to "defend her honor"? No matter that Bill was first to play the race card and Clinton supporters constantly bring up the fact that black voters like Obama while admitting white people are "afraid" of what might happen if he gets in the WH. But that's not racist.

Where were these housewives when she was spitting on their cookies and their "stand-by-their-man" attitudes? (Yeah, I said housewife because I'm damn proud of being a housewife and I don't need a soccer ball to validate myself.)

We're going to end up with John McCain because, after all, he's more "experienced" than any Democrat running. Doesn't seem to matter if he has any common sense. The Clintonites are too dumb to know that Rush's plan is working.

Oh and did I say I was bitter about the past eight years of stupidity that were forced on me by the same stupid voters hell-bent on getting Hillary elected? I am honest enough to say, yes, I am!


I believe that people took their Bigotry to the polls in PA.

How can you vote against your own interests? How can you vote for Clinton when her husband is responsible for NAFTA?

If you can blame Obama for Rev. Wright then it's fair to blame Hillary for Bill.

I don't get it? What does showing me a picture of Osama Bin Laden and playing these fear games have to do with my healthcare? My job?

I'm convinced that America is descended from a country of rejects. We are mentally incapable of doing anything for the good of the country everything has to be boiled down to race, or class.

Candidate Nobody 2008!! staying at home!

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