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gothamist reader

"Either that or Ortega just didn't dig what Dobkin had to say about print's business model."

Ding ding ding. Ortega explicitly mentions Jake's rant about how NYT was "sucking at the teat" of a Mexican billionaire, and that's what the "how does Dolan's dick taste" joke was supposed to be about. Some gothamist readers (like myself) thought the manifesto was not a classy move, so it stands to reason that someone in the biz who doesn't respect what Gothamist does is going to look down upon it a bit more virulently. The fact that it exploded into a big ad boycott for VV is irrelevant, really. (Though understandable - Ortega is saying that Dolan *and* his new acquisition sucks, and the guy apparently has no sense of humor, so...)

Fact is, Gothamist *is* essentially parasitic. Three out of the four original stories you site above were just Post-level garbage. (I'll give you Officer Pogan as a win, but most gothamist readers thought pantsgate was, in fact, bullshit, that the christina hendricks flap was ridiculously skewed and overblown, and that hasidic cop vs. pug-owner story turned out to be an ugly and petty he said/she said that was more nauseating than anything else.) Throw in your modest cultural coverage and your original content looks so...bloggy.

I'll give props to Jake for seeing the market and making a product that does appeal to the web generation. Kudos, dude. But that manifesto was a professional misstep.


There was a time when the Voice was a giant among alt-weeklies, with great columns from people like Nelson George and Nat Hentoff. But that was 20 years ago.


I guess the Voice has resorted to petty takedowns of more readable, alternative media blogs like Gothamist in order to try and stay relevant. Unfortunately, as the paper continues to thin I don't think little Op-eds like this will save it. I suppose putting this http://www.villagevoice.com/2010-06-01/news/is-this-woman-too-hot-to-work-in-a-bank on the cover was another kind of attempt.

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Three out of the four original stories you site above were just Post-level garbage.

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That's pretty punk, but it must be accounted for, and deflecting the attention to Gothamist in his public memo strikes me as sleight of hand.


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